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Corporate Services and Consultancy

In order to widen the spectrum of professional services provided by Asia-Pac Financial Investment Company Limited ("the Group"), it also expanded its scope of service to corporate services and consultancy. Such services can be further subdivided into two arms.

One arm is corporate consultancy, under which the Group provides advice to corporations in areas such as corporate governance, internal control, enterprise risk management and other operational aspects with a view to enhancing corporate efficiency performance and enterprise value.

The other arm can generally be described as back office administration, which includes company secretarial services for private and listed companies, human resource management and administrative services, accounting and tax services including accounting system setup and support, bookkeeping, budgeting and forecast, payroll services; tax return preparation, and financial statement preparation. Other ad-hoc services include corporate communications and marketing services such as brand building, design of marketing materials and corporate event management.

The Group has obtained sizable engagements in corporate consultancy, in which the Group was appointed to provide advice on pre-IPO planning work and co-ordination in the course of application for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Major scope of services under its engagements includes conducting due diligence exercise, advising on pre-IPO strategic planning such as preparing listing proposal, providing advice on corporate positioning, development strategy, enhancement of business and product branding, as well as share restructuring, business reorganisation, coordinating professional parties and relevant authorities.

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